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AICO Special Concrete Mixer

Original price was: KSh230,500.Current price is: KSh219,400.
  • Materials are mixed only when needed.
  • Concrete mixer drum does not allow any foreign material to enter concrete load.
  • Vast improvement in the quality and uniformity of concrete.
  • Enhanced speed of construction.
  • Savings in labour.
  • Reduction in wastage & Storage costs.
  • Environmental conservation aspect whereby the surroundings site remains clean

Solarpex Mppt Solar Charge Controller 60amp

Original price was: KSh39,999.Current price is: KSh36,907.
  • Mppt is most effective under these conditions:
  • cold weather, cloudy or hazy days: normally, pv module works better at cold temperatures and mppt is utilized to extract maximum power available from them.
  • when battery is deeply discharged: mppt can extract more current and charge the battery if the state of charge in the battery is lowers.
  • Stable Quality & High Reliability
  • Long Service Life, Float or Cyclic
  • Low Pressure Venting System
  • Heavy Duty Grids
  • Controls Low Self Discharge
  • Satisfies IEC, JIS and BS standards
  • Wide operation temperature range
  • Applications: Inverter, UPS, Solar, Telecom, etc.


Original price was: KSh39,000.Current price is: KSh35,994.
  • Battery Deep Discharge protection with two times reset options
  • Ultra Fast Short Circuit Protection
  • Battery reverse polarity protection
  • Miniature circuit breaker for overload and short circuit protection in mains mode instead of cartridge fuse
  • DC over Voltage protection.

AICO Vaccum Cleaner

Original price was: KSh35,000.Current price is: KSh30,999.
  •  Type:Cyclone
  • Installation:Drum Vacuum
  • Bag Or Bagless: With Bag
  • Function:Wet And Dry
  • Certification:CB, CE, EMC, ETL, GS, RoHS
  • Power (W):1400
  • Voltage (V):220
  • Noise:80DB

Solarmax 60A MPPT Solar Charge Controller

Original price was: KSh32,000.Current price is: KSh29,700.
Photovoltaic module load voltage (recommend data): 12V Systembest mppt working voltage range (18V-60V); 24V System best mpptworking voltage range (36V-72V); 36V System best mppt workingvoltage range (54V-144V);48V System best mppt working voltagerange (72V-144V).

Solarmax SolarmaxHybrid Inverter 1.5kva

Original price was: KSh30,500.Current price is: KSh28,350.
  • 1500VA
  • DC INPUT: 24 VDC
  • AC OUTPUT: 230 VAC,50/60Hz
  • rated current is 60 A

TK M12 Commercial Meat Mincer – Meat Grinder Silver

Original price was: KSh30,000.Current price is: KSh24,500.
  • Electric meat grinder; Induction motor with a start and run capacitor (3 amps); Permanently lubricated, 110V motor (60HZ); 180 watts; ETL certified
  • Dimensions (fully assembled): 9.25" W x 16.5" L x 14" H; Dimensions (motor only): 6.5" W x 14" L x 11" H; Weight: 32 pounds
  • Big Bite technology; All metal gears with roller bearings; Hole in head where pan is inserted is 1-5/8”; Five year factory warranty
  • Stainless steel motor housing; Heavy duty handle for easy moving; Built in circuit breaker; Stainless steel head, auger and meat pan
  • Includes: 1 meat stomper, 1 stainless steel knife, 1 stainless steel stuffing plate, 2 stainless steel plates (Coarse, Fine), 3 stuffing tubes
  •  Affordable Quality
  • Process 170KG/hr

Generic Shiyuan Submersible Water Pump 72volts

Original price was: KSh24,800.Current price is: KSh21,803.
  • Flow rate up to 3,000 Liters/Hour
  • Head: 70 M
  • Voltage: 72V
  • Currency: 8 Amperes
  • Power: 750 Watts
  • Outlet: 25 mm
  • Cable: 20

Pump Solar Water Pump

Original price was: KSh22,500.Current price is: KSh19,450.
  • Submersible Water Pump
  • 0.5HP, DC
  • 24V Voltage
  • 40 Meters
  • 0.5" fitting

Kicho Concrete Cutting Machine

Original price was: KSh21,000.Current price is: KSh17,955.
  • High quality machine and durable.
  •   Electric powered machine.

TK M8 Electric Stainless Steel Meat Grinder Sausage Maker 220V

Original price was: KSh18,900.Current price is: KSh15,700.
  • Electric meat mincer is widely used in restaurant, super market, butcher shop,hotel and so on.
  • This machine is mainly used to cut fresh meat into meat paste.
  • Our meat mincer machine body is aluminum alloy,material contact parts are stainless steel.
  • This kind of also can be used to cut red pepper,onion,garlic or other vegetable.

Milano Gasoline Water Pump

Original price was: KSh17,000.Current price is: KSh14,963.
  • Milano  3″ inch gasoline water pump
  • 8.0hp
  • 2 inch inlet and outlet
  • 7m suction
  • 2300l/hour
  • Best for fire fighting, agricultural use and drainage systems.